CULINARY DOPPIES CC (hereinafter referred to as "CD")


The applicant and the person signing on behalf of the applicant hereby confirms that he/she accepts the conditions set out hereunder which would govern the business relationship between the parties. No alterations hereof will be binding on CD unless reduced to writing and signed on behalf of both parties.

1. Fifty per cent (50%) of the purchase price is payable on the placing of an order and the other fifty per cent (50%) thereof is payable on delivery, unless a written arrangement has been made with CD.

2. CD will notify all customers annually of the prices for the various items for the current year and all orders will be deemed to have been entered into at such prices, unless reduced to writing and signed by or on behalf of CD.

3. CD accepts liabilities of the production of the product up to delivery thereof. CD will not be responsible for any deterioration of such products unless notified in writing within six (6) hours after delivery of the product.

4. The amendment of any agreement entered into on behalf of CD and any customer of CD will be valid and binding on CD unless reduced to writing and signed on or behalf of CD.

5. The purchase price in respect of any orders must be paid into the bank account of Culinary Doppies, being First National Bank, Account Number: 62138070131, Branch Code: 251141 (Clearwater) for CD person and that they are authorised to do so and an official receipt is issued.

6. In the event of credit facilities being granted to the applicant the person signing this shall be bound as surety to the Applicant and acknowledges CD standard credit terms.

7. In the event of the applicant being granted credit facilities in terms whereby it is entitled to make payments of the purchase in more than one instalment not being paid on due date, then the full amount outstanding will become due and payable and any arrears shall bear interest at the maximum rate chargeable in terms of the Usury Act.

8. Should CD be obliged to institute action against the applicant arising from any purchases made by it from CD, then the applicant shall be liable to pay all the costs thereof, including costs between attorney and client, as well as collection commission.

9. The limit of any credit facility granted by CD shall be in its sole discretion and may be withdrawn, increased or reduced to any time without notice to the applicant.

10. If the applicant and/or its directors and/or partners and/or its proprietor is called to do so by CD it/they shall sign, in addition to this document, any other documents, including special conditions or credit, acknowledgements of debt, deeds of surety etc. in the event of anyone or more of such documents being signed in addition hereto, any terms set out herein which are inconsistent with any terms and conditions set out herein shall be of no force and effect. However, the remaining terms and conditions shall remain in force without prejudice to CD rights.

11. The terms and conditions hereof shall be applicable to all purchases made by applicant from CD whether in the past or in the future.

12. The applicant hereby, in terms of section 45 of the Magistrate's Court Act of 1944 hereby consent to the jurisdiction of any Magistrate's Court having jurisdiction by virtue of section 28 of the Act notwithstanding that any claim against the applicant may exceed the jurisdiction of such Magistrate's Court, it is recorded that CD is not bound hereby and shall be entitled to institute any proceedings against the application out of any other court of competent jurisdiction.

13. The applicant chooses domicilium citandi et executandi for all purposes in terms hereof,

at ................................................

14. The applicant acknowledges that CD signature is not required hereto in order that the above terms and conditions are binding on the applicant.

15. I, the undersigned, confirm that I have read the contents of the document and undertake to notify CD of any changes in the ownership, directorship, shareholding, name or address of the applicant and that the conditions hereunder will form the basis

16. The signatory hereby warrants that he/she is authorized to sign this and has read and understood the above conditions.

SIGNED AT ______ON THIS _________DAY OF 20_____________________________________


SIGNED ON BEHALF OF APPLICANT_________________________________________________