Culinary Doppies used only the finest ingredients to make every one of our pastry shells; chefs will feel proud to create beautiful and delicious treats. It's much easier and quicker to fill perfect shells rather than measuring, mixing, baking and cleaning. No labour and no oven time and yet you get perfection!

Our pastries do not contain any salt or sugar making it perfect to use either a sweet or savoury filling. They have a shelf life of two months. However, the cream horns can be stored for about twelve months in a cool dark place.

We bake shells for every event - parties, launches, weddings, etc.
Cocktail (small) pastries (100 shells per unit)
Mini quiche pastries
(25 shells per unit)
Cream horns
(30 doz per box or
3 doz per tray, only available in Gauteng)
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Our tart shells are baked by a
proudly South African bakery. Add your creative fillings to our prebaked shells to be enjoyed as finger food, dessert or fine dining.
Our stand at Hostex Cape Town
(28 May to 30 May 2008) took the title of Best Small Stand!
Agents/distributors from all provinces in South Africa to distribute our pastries. Please contact Liza Hübner at (011) 953 2372.
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